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This page contains the following:

  1. What is a Commercial Lease?
  2. Why so Many Lease Types?
  3. Specialized Terminology

What is Commercial Lease?

A commercial lease encompasses your agreement with your landlord, details your rights to occupy and utilize the property you are leasing, and specifies what you will pay to your landlord and to others related to the property you are leasing - basically, your rights and obligations with regard to the subject property. 

Why so Many Lease Types?

A lease type, or category - like NNN, or Triple Net - is a generalization of the terms of that type of lease for purposes of quicker communication. The term used doesn't define the lease completely, but does say a lot to a Commercial Broker, and should say a lot to a commercial tenant. The terms are used a lot in the business, so it is worth reviewing the types and reading brief articles about each. A good starting point for your reading is probably our article entitled Entering Into a Commercial Lease Agreement - A Guide From a Broker. This article, as well as much of what is discussed in this article, is summarized and linked below.

Specialized Terminology

Many terms are defined in the articles referenced in this section including Common Area Maintenance, Expense Caps, Lease Types like Modified Gross, Net Lease, Full Service Lease, Triple Net (NNN) Lease, and Industrial Gross Lease -  to mention a few.

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