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    Synopsis Posted by Steve Watts, on February 27, 2017
    Article Synopsis

    This article describes the method provided to help you sort through articles and links on our site. The site uses a system of categories and filters to help you narrow things down to your interests, and lets you save them and archive them so that they won’t be included in the future.

    This graphic below is an attempt to illustrate some the first-level methods for sorting Articles & Links (A&L). All A&Ls are grouped in the blue stack box. These can be sorted by CRE Type (yellow) and Metro Areas (yellow). CRE Types in this case will be all types available on our site. Metro Areas in this case will be Metro Areas where there is some activity. In each of these cases, you may save one or more CRE Type or Metro Area (gray) to use directly as filters, and if you have then links will show up for these with a count of the number of Areas or Types. The result of this sorting would be filtered lists of A&Ls.

    Graphic showing Articles & Links Categories & Filters

    Additionally, each article - with the exception of “sticky” articles which will already show up - can be saved for later use or eliminated from future consideration by archiving it.

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